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Locate First USA People Search is the ultimate resource for:

  • Birth Parent and Adoptee Searching
  • Locating Lost Friends and Family
  • Genealogical and Family History Research

    Our database contains millions of records from a large number of publically available resources. Nearly all of our records contain age information.

    The database is updated on a regular basis, with new records added to enhance the system for your use. This database contains names and address of listed AND unlisted people.

    You may search by First Name, Last Name, Initial, City and/or State.

    You can find out how many records match your criteria for *FREE*, and once you have selected your precise criteria,
    you may then receive the results instantly!

    Compare our prices and results to other Public Records sites, and you will see we are the best!

    We give a free preview of all searches before you pay, so why not try one of our Instant searches now?

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