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2024 UK Electoral Roll plus Available NOW!

The database now contains around 95% of the UK population!

UK Electoral Roll People Search is the ultimate resource for:
  • Birth Parent and Adoptee Searching
  • Locating Lost Friends and Family
  • Genealogical and Family History Research

  • Our instant online database contains over 299 million voter registration records from the 2001-2024 releases of the Electoral Roll and the Rolling Register.

    You may search by First Name, Last Name, Initial and Town and/or Postcode.

    With our system you can find people who are on the 2001-2024 Electoral Roll!

    Our staff have completed many thousands of searches in both the UK and the USA

    Expert Assisted Searches also available - Contact Us to see if we can help you!

    We give a free preview of all searches before you pay, so why not try one of our Instant searches now?

    Other databases you can search:
    Birth Index (1916-2005) - Death Index (1916-2005) - Marriage Index (1916-2005)
    1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1981 1901 1911 Census - UK Genealogy / Family History Databases

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